Berma RolandIn 2010, Roland produced combustion chambers (?) all on his ownADES has successfully supported Berma

In 2010, the Madagascan Roland Andriamaharo began an initiative, under the name Berma, to produce combustion chambers made of clay for ADES. Prior to that, he had a simple workshop producing clay figures.

Building an infrastructure and various housesBuilding an infrastructure and various houses ADES ran the Berma operations and invested in the extensive infrastructure. A continuous know-how transfer took place over a period of five years and, as a result, Berma established itself as a producer of ombustion chambers.

Berma employeesBerma employees in the production of combustion chambersMounting production led to the need for increasing numbers of employ. In 2016, there were 30 employees in Berma.

Berma combustion chambers bei Der Trocknung (?)Berma combustion chambers bei Der Trocknung (?)In 2015, ADES transferred all operations activities to Berma, where Roland’s son has taken over the administration Today, Berma is an important supplier to ADES.


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