Seedlings around his houseDaniel grows seedlings around his houseDaniels re-forestation project AFA

The following anecdote demonstrates how the destruction of nature disturbed a Madagascan. A few years ago, ADES driver Daniel Rasolondrainy inherited a plot of land from his father. He was deeply disturbed by the bare landscape. Over many years, his father had felled so many trees that the plot was barely recognisable. At the time, the proceeds from the sale of charcoal had enabled Daniel’s father to pay for both his and his sister’s education.

The young plants flourish in used canistersThe young plants flourish in used canistersDaniel set himself the ambitious goal of re-foresting the land and creating a nature reserve. Also, he began planting seedlings with goal of planting them on the property at a later date.

What began with a few seedlings has, in the meantime, developed into a real plant garden. Daniel collects every possible sort of plant seed and lets them grow around his house. He nurses the delicate shoots until they are ready to be planted in the ground.

Daniel has help with his projectDaniel has help with his projectDaniel’s inherited plot is extensive and has no natural water source. Water has to be arduously fetched with an ox cart so that the plants can be regularly watered.

Daniel can count on help for his project as he has already been able to convince five neighbouring communities of the value of what he is doing. ADES supports him too. For every cooker which ADES sells, he receives two trees.

In the meantime, Daniel has acquired very substantial knowledge of the local flora and has been rewarded with the return of chameleons and even a few lemur.

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