Toliara Direction NationaleADES Direction Nationale in ToliaraToliara (2 centres)

Direction nationale

Route Betanimena
BP 637, Toliara
Tel +261 32 707 29 58 / +261 9 444 63
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Toliara Direction NationalMain buildingADES first centre was opened in 2003 in Toliara.

It is the nerve centre for many of ADES’ functions, including administration, logistics, IT, bookkeeping, communications, the CO2 department and the office of the national director.

Toliara workshopThe workshopVis-a-vis from the main building is the workshop.

Team Toliara DNADES team direction nationale in Toliara

Team Technique Toliara DNADES team of technicians in Toliara

Toliara Direction RégionaleToliara Direction Régionale

Direction régionale

Ampasikibo villa Masoandro
BP 637, Tuléar 601
Tel +261 94 445 44 / +261 33 08 457 54
E-Mail, geographic location

Toliara Café SolaireCafé Solaire in front of the centreADES moved into the building for the regional management in 2009.

team dru toliaraADES team direction régionale Toliara

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