LemurLemur only exist on MadagascarParadise of nature in danger

Madagascar is one of nature’s unique treasure chests. Flora and fauna have flourished undisturbed on the island, which drifted away from the original continent of Gondwana 150 million years ago. That is why Madagascar is often referred to as the eighth continent.

The, then green, island was first settled around 350 B.C.. Today only about 10% of the island is forest. Man is to blame. Vast forests have bowed to the need for firewood and agricultural land.

BaobabThe Baobab treeThe briar woods and the dry forest in the south and south west of the island are especially rich in vegetation. Examples are the unique Pachypodien (Dickfusspflanzen), Didieraceen (Tentakel-Baumen) and the giant Baobabs (Monkey bread trees), which grow up to 40m and can live to be 5.000 years old.

90% of the plant types and animals are endemic and unique to Madagascar. The majority of the species are dependent on the tropical forests for a diversified habitat.

Beans and spices          Beans and spices at the markets Madagascar is rich in agricultural products, such as vanilla, cloves, pepper and rice. Some 80% of the population are active in agriculture and account for 40% of the gross national product.

There are also mineral resources on the island. International companies are investing massive amounts in mining activities, which leads to even more deforestation and destruction of agricultural land.