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As an island state, one of the least developed in the world, Madagascar particularly suffers of consequences of climate change like more frequent storms or increase of the sea level. Become a climate sponsor and engage for protection of Madagascar forests in order to decrease CO2 atmospheric concentration and thus protect the global climate.

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Thanks to your participation you support the manufacturing and distribution of even more energy efficient ovens. This equipments use significantly less wood and coal as source of energy. Each ADES oven enables to save the equivalent of 3 tons of CO2 every year. More than 170000 ovens have been installed up to now and their number is constantly rising. Our solar cookers could already protect more than 1500 km² of Madagascar forest.

As a partner you will be at the front of debates on climate change. The ADES association offers and fosters exchanges of information to realise projects in this field.

Become a climate sponsor!

By partnering with ADES you make one step ahead for the protection of climate and you take part to our success. Choose between 3 levels of participation: CHF 40, CHF 70 or CHF 100 per month.

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