Swiss solar cookerSwiss solar cookerSwiss cooker models

ADES and the sommer holzwerkstatt produce the Swiss solar cooker model, in co-operation with Einsteig in der Berufswelt. The end assembly is carried out by young people, who are this way able to gain experience which helps them to secure an apprenticeship.

The various parts of the cooker are manufactured in such a way that the cooker can, with the help of the instruction manual, be easily assembled. Only normal tools are needed.

The Swiss solar cooker is manufactured in two sizes and with various options. It can be ordered assembled or not. Further information and prices can be found here (only available in german).

Solar cooker workshop SwitzerlandSolar cooker workshop in the ‘sommer holzwerkstat’Solarkocher Workshop

Anyone who wants to assemble his or her cooker under professional supervision has the opportunity at our annual workshop in sommer holzwerkstatt Rifferswil.

Solar cookers are assembled from sets in groups of 8 to 10 people. There is a choice of two cooker sizes. Over lunch, participant receive cooking tips from experts and benefit from the experiences of solar cooking enthusiast.

The next workshop will be held in 2021.

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